SyncWords Adds Live Captioning with Microsoft Teams Meetings

NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SyncWords now fully integrates with Microsoft Teams, supporting the product with live captioning solutions, making Teams meetings more accessible and inclusive. Since its launch, MS Teams has been able to deliver automatic captioning, and in 2022, it also enabled third party captioning. SyncWords took advantage of the opportunity and now delivers human captioning, offering Teams users enhanced comprehensibility and accuracy for all meetings and events.

Added Benefit of Live Translations and 24/7 Tech Support

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), while addressing the necessity for speed and scale, has one disadvantage: gaps in comprehension and recognizing finer nuances in human speech. These are gaps that a professional human captioner will recognize and render the text in a format that mirrors the speaker’s intentions. In addition, different microphones and sound quality variables are less likely to affect accuracy when a professional captioner is being used.

SyncWords stands out with its professional human captioning that helps deliver extremely accurate captions. This increased accuracy in captions also helps with live translations to 100+ languages. With the latest technology in machine translation, every sentence can be translated for meeting participants in different languages.

Complementary, SyncWords’ 24/7 technical support team helps with live event coordination and monitoring. They coordinate with the human captioners, ensuring that they are equipped with all details and agendas of the event beforehand. Live captioners then train in advance with a provided list of names and vocabulary to ensure accuracy. Like with any stage event, our support team logs in well in advance to test out key tech aspects of the event.

What This Integration Means for MS Teams

Providing accurate live captions in the language spoken at an event is crucial for all participants. SyncWords offers live captioning with English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese human captioners. The accuracy of the source captions is then reflected in the translations in the language of your choice.

With SyncWords’ captioning technologies driven by human captioners, MS Teams can now enjoy accuracy in captions every time they collaborate online. SyncWords offers live translations to 100+ languages, thus empowering native speakers worldwide.

“Human captioning is the standard for live TV news and sports. It’s what MS Teams users can now leverage to deliver the most professional user experience.” – says Giovanni Galvez, VP of Business Development for SyncWords. “We would like all MS Teams users to use our professional captioning services and technology when doing international and cross-cultural business.”

What if There Are No Human Captioners Available for My Language?

SyncWords has you covered with our Live ASR offering for MS Teams. Our system can handle 40+ source languages, including Ukrainian, Norwegian, Tagalog, Japanese, Hindi, and others. SyncWords’ Live ASR technology, combined with our machine learning capabilities, allows us to reach a higher accuracy than other basic automatic captioning systems.

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About SyncWords

Since 2000, SyncWords has been the trusted leader in closed captioning and translations for virtual events, providing a comprehensive platform and services for both Live and Pre-recorded delivery of captions and subtitles in 100+ languages. With integrations on Zoom, Webex, Hopin, PheedLoop, and many more platforms, SyncWords is captioning and translating thousands of virtual meetings and broadcasts worldwide. Further, SyncWords’ caption automation technology powers thousands of hours of captions and subtitles for broadcasters, OTT platforms, and educational institutions.

About Microsoft Teams

MS Teams, the collaborative workspace inside the Microsoft 365 framework, acts as a hub for workplace dialogue and collaboration, enabling teamwork through video chats and document sharing. The product has been designed to aid worker productivity in an online environment with a suite of tools built for collaboration.

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