SyncWords Has Built a Truly Scalable Captioning Solution for SRT Sports Broadcasts and OTT Fast Channels

NEW YORK, June 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — SyncWords proudly introduces its groundbreaking SRT solution, setting new standards for scalable accessibility and inclusivity in live streaming. Powered by advanced generative AI and proprietary technology, our cloud-based platform supports unlimited concurrent live streams with accurate live captioning and audio dubbing. This innovation revolutionizes live sports, enabling captions and voice translations for all live programming and channels within minutes, fully eliminating the need for expensive hardware or encoders.  

Supporting both human and AI-powered captioning workflows, SyncWords’ platform operates entirely in the cloud, ensuring minimal logistics, no additional costs for purchasing and maintaining hardware, and unmatched scalability for making concurrent live streams accessible to all viewers.

In addition to encoder-free real-time captioning, SyncWords now takes live programming to another level by instantly delivering automatic voice translations in over 50 languages, with 900 voice options covering different regional dialects and accents. This low-touch, scalable, and cost-effective audio dubbing solution provides live audio translations in one or more languages simultaneously on the same live SRT stream, all within minutes of setup.

Unprecedented Scalability

Unlike monolithic software solutions that require separate licenses for each channel, SyncWords is truly fully scalable allowing unlimited streams without the need to overprovision or purchase additional per channel licenses.

Built on Kubernetes, the SyncWords platform provides unparalleled scalability for real-time captioning and translations via API. The container orchestration approach simplifies deployment, scaling, and management of live captioning and dubbing processes. This allows live sports streaming services and channels to enhance the viewing experience, boost viewership, and meet accessibility regulations worldwide in a cost-effective way.

Seamless Integration into Live Streaming Workflows

SyncWords seamlessly integrates with industry-leading video production software like LiveU, TVU, and others, making it the perfect fit for any live-streaming workflow, significantly boosting operational efficiency. Quick and easy to set up, the solution delivers low-latency automated captioning for concurrent live streams in minutes, ensuring unprecedented performance and pristine video quality.

Additionally, SyncWords offers flawless caption insertion for SRT live streams, powered by AWS Elemental MediaConnect. This compatibility further strengthens our partnership with AWS, enhancing HLS workflows through AWS Elemental MediaLive and MediaPackage.

Elevated User Experience

SyncWords supports both live captioning and AI audio dubbing for SRT live streams using UHD and HEVC codec (H.265). This allows users to add real-time captions and voice translations to streams while preserving exceptional video quality and optimizing bandwidth, meeting the high standards of live sports. 

OTT platforms and streaming providers using SyncWords can select PID audio tracks for live AI-driven captioning and voice translations. This makes live video content accessible and inclusive to diverse audiences without the involvement of your production and AV teams.

“Our platform is ready for prime-time sports programming and will save OTT platforms time and money”, says Giovanni Galvez, VP of Business Development & Strategy at SyncWords.

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About SyncWords

SyncWords is a comprehensive end-to-end solution to cover captioning and translation needs for live and pre-recorded video content. Our patented platform seamlessly delivers automated captions, subtitles, and voice translations (known also as live AI dubbing) for live streams, broadcasts, and live events in over 100 languages. With support for various live streaming protocols and concurrent live programming, SyncWords enables accessibility and inclusivity catering to viewers worldwide.

Additionally, through integration with 100+ virtual event and video streaming platforms, SyncWords powers virtual, hybrid, in-person, or simu-live meetings with its captioning, subtitling, and dubbing capabilities, enabling event producers to connect with broader audiences.

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