Teamwork and Strategic Planning Pave the Way for Seamless Districtwide Launch of Augmented/Virtual Reality Computers in Cumberland County Schools

District Incorporates zSpace in CTE Program, Honored with “District of Distinction” Award

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C., Oct. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Cumberland County Schools (CCS) was honored for achieving a groundbreaking milestone in the use of educational technology. Through innovative teamwork and meticulous planning, CCS successfully rolled out zSpace AR/VR laptops (501) districtwide, empowering ten (10) high schools and two (2) middle schools with immersive 1:1 Career and Technical Education (CTE) instruction. zSpace, Inc. a Silicon Valley education company, is proud to honor CCS as a “District of Distinction” in recognition of its innovative approach to education technology. By incorporating zSpace into its CTE program, CCS has demonstrated a commitment to providing students with cutting-edge learning experiences, setting a benchmark for educational excellence.

The Challenge:
CCS faced the challenge of implementing zSpace AR/VR laptops districtwide to enhance CTE education across 12 schools in diverse urban and rural communities, accommodating over 50,000 students in total.

The Solution: 
Under the leadership of CCS, a multifaceted strategy emerged. The strategy, emphasizing quality professional development, IT expertise, and seamless curriculum integration, leverages zSpace’s 3-dimensional AR and VR technology to create an unparalleled learning experience for students.

Keys to Success:

  1. Strategic, Comprehensive Teacher Support: 
    Collaborative efforts between zSpace professionals and CCS teachers resulted in targeted professional development. The approach allowed educators to fully harness the potential of AR/VR technology. Chip Lucas, Executive Director of Cumberland’s CTE program, highlighted the importance of such training, stating, “Targeted professional development is an essential component for our premier professionals to prepare and focus on career and technical essential standards.”
  2. IT Teamwork: 
    Simultaneously, CCS’s IT team worked diligently to ensure the seamless functioning of the technology. From setting up student logins to scheduling regular updates, their focus on usability streamlined the implementation process.
  3. Curriculum Integration:
    Teachers immersed themselves in zSpace’s lesson offerings, integrating them into their teaching guides and learning management system. Through dedicated workshops and support from zSpace experts, educators crafted a curriculum aligned with zSpace standards, ensuring a smooth transition for both teachers and students.

Chip Lucas emphasized the crucial role of zSpace’s support, stating, “The support received from the different experts at zSpace was critical to the success of our curriculum development workshop. Teachers could see themselves as lead learners, ready to share content in a new and exciting way to students.”

Looking Ahead: 
With this successful implementation, CCS is poised to revolutionize classroom learning experiences this academic year. Students will engage in active, immersive education while building, dissecting, and experimenting in the virtual realm.

Cumberland County Schools’ strategic approach and collaborative spirit exemplify the future of education, embracing technology to create enriching learning environments for students.

About Cumberland County Schools:
Cumberland County Schools, located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, is a diverse district serving over 50,000 students across urban and rural communities. As a pioneering force in education, CCS is dedicated to providing innovative and immersive learning experiences to prepare students for a dynamic future.

About zSpace:

zSpace is a leading provider of AR/VR technology for education. Their Inspire AR/VR laptops offer immersive, interactive learning experiences, transforming classrooms into dynamic hubs of exploration and discovery. By partnering with educational institutions, zSpace is shaping the future of education through innovative, technology-driven solutions.

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