TeleRay and Radiobotics Join Forces to Provide Radiology AI on Fastest Growing Radiology Telehealth Platform

AUSTIN, Texas, Dec. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In the United States, 23% of all adults—over 54 million people—have arthritis and x-rays are often used to diagnose these patients. With this partnership Radiobotics will provide its FDA-cleared technology, RBknee™ for users of the TeleRay platform to automatically analyse knee x-rays for signs of osteoarthritis.

Tim Kelley, TeleRay CEO believes that Artificial Intelligence is the perfect addition to their existing service delivery and allows TeleRay to provide even more value to the customers they already serve. "We are always looking for innovative ways to serve our customers’ needs and we see an increasing demand for AI in Radiology. Our world-leading platform is now AI-enabled and having products like RBknee™ unlocked for our customers is central to the TeleRay vision."

Existing TeleRay customers can access this product today on the TeleRay platform in a few clicks. This seamless integration is key to creating a significant impact for customers using RBknee™. Mads Jarner Brevadt, Radiobotics CEO believes that this partnership is key to allowing more clinicians across the US to get access to Radiobotics’ knee osteoarthritis tool. "It’s a pleasure to work with the team at TeleRay, we see first hand the value they deliver for clinicians each day. Trusted partnerships like this are key for us at Radiobotics, to allow the technology which we have built to be in the hands of clinicians across the US."

Lowering healthcare cost is a primary mission of Radiobotics and TeleRay. TeleRay enables Radiobotics AI to a broader market and reach to those who normally would not be able to use these kinds of advanced applications for diagnosis.  As TeleRay CTO Cody Neville states- "Access to AI in remote and rural areas is unheard of. Although we are networked with 80% of top 100 hospitals in the US, we expect to reach and help the professionals and patients who normally wouldn’t have this benefit at such a low cost." He continued "Lowering healthcare cost and serving those in massively underserved markets is our focus." He spoke further about TeleRay’s mission to grow a global healthcare communications network that meets the needs of all patients, clinicians and providers with AI and other developments including musculoskeletal radiology.

About TeleRay
TeleRay represents a true industry-first, enabling seamless scheduling, sharing, face-to-face consultation and storage of medical information – including diagnostic imaging (DICOM) – by and between doctors, specialists and their patients. Allowing global viewing, exchange, and sharing anywhere on any device at any time. With more than 3000 users, including Cleveland Clinic, Cedars-Sinai, Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, Northwestern, Shriners, Barnes-Jewish, Beth Israel, UPMC, UPENN, NY Presbyterian, and many more. TeleRay has been growing overseas and can be found in more than 20 countries.

About Radiobotics
Radiobotics is a Danish, award-winning health tech company with a vision to automate the analysis and description of routine medical X-ray images at hospitals, with a focus on musculoskeletal radiology (MSK). Based on advanced computer vision and state-of-the-art machine learning methods, Radiobotics’ algorithms generate fully automated text reports with objective findings and conclusions, including visual overlays, to enhance consistency and make it faster and easier to make readings on routine medical X-ray images.

Radiobotics develops scientifically and clinically validated algorithms based on deep clinical understanding. The technology is designed and developed in close collaboration with clinicians to address their needs and requirements from the start.

About RBknee™
RBknee™ is an FDA-cleared clinical decision support tool, which can automatically identify osteoarthritis in the knees based on a standing posterior-anterior (PA) radiograph.

Media contact:
Timothy Kelley