TerraMaster Newly Released 10GbE NAS T9-450 and T12-450, Efficient 4K Online Video Editing Can Be Easily Realized

SHENZHEN, China, March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — TerraMaster, a professional brand that focuses on providing innovative storage products for homes and businesses, recently released two models of T9-450 and T12-450 desktop NAS with high-speed dual SFP+ 10Gb ethernet interfaces. They are designed for professionals who require high-speed, high-volume applications such as virtualization, databases, image and video content creation, and more.

TerraMaster T9-450 and T12-450 10Gb NAS storage solutions are connected to workstations through SFP+ 10Gb ethernet interface on the devices, so that dozens of workstations can access storage and post-editing at the same time.

Also, it supports two 2.5GbE network interfaces, and provides convenient and flexible maintenance for non-linear edit network system equipment.

TerraMaster T9-450 and T12-450 10Gb NAS Features:

High Performance Hardware Configuration
Adopts Intel quad-core processor, 8 GB DDR4 dual-channel memory (up to 32 GB), dual SFP+ 10Gb ethernet interfaces, dual 2.5GbE interfaces and supports 2 x M.2 NVMe SSD for cache acceleration.

High-speed Dual 10Gbps Network Sharing
By building a 10Gb network, multiple Windows/Mac workstations can be connected to T9-450 or T12-450 at the same time, and the collaborative operation of online editing of multi-track 4K materials, special effects production, video synthesis, and import and export of lens clips becomes easy, greatly improving the work efficiency and reducing the production time of the project.

Reliable Data Protection and Restoration
Support TRAID protection and regular NAS system snapshots. TerraMaster unique one-click security isolation mode provides effective emergency protection against virus and ransomware attacks.

Compatible with Various Non-linear Software
Edius: Support Edius complete file workflow, and provide performance optimization for real-time, track, multi-format mixing, compositing, chroma key, subtitle and timeline output functions.

Adobe Premiere pro: support Adobe Premiere pro multi-layer and multi-camera editing, and can optimize CPU, memory, and graphics card performance.

DaVinci Resolve: support DaVinci Resolve intelligent database management and collaborative work, which is more convenient and faster.

Final Cut Pro: support the latest SMB3 protocol of Apple Final Cut Pro, create projects directly on NAS, edit and output videos.

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