Tetherball Memecoin: The First Women-Led Memecoin on Solana Correlating with Tether Stablecoin

Entertainment, Transparency, and Education Infused with a Playful Twist

CHEYENNE, Wyo., June 28, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In the dynamic realm of cryptocurrency, where innovation often intertwines with speculation, a fresh contender has emerged, poised to disrupt the status quo with a unique fusion of community engagement, entertainment, and technological prowess. Tetherball Memecoin, spearheaded by visionary co-founders Kamala Alcantara, Kuan-Ning Tseng, and Michele Musso, promises to captivate crypto enthusiasts with its pioneering approach. Backed by the formidable support of venture capitalist Jenny Q Ta, the project aims to bridge the gap between meme culture and digital currencies, offering both entertainment value and real-world utility.

The co-founders shed light on their motivations behind launching this ambitious project. Kamala Alcantara, a seasoned entrepreneur and advocate for tech and innovation, shared her insights: “With my focus on UX, blockchain technology, AI, mindfulness, DEIB, and more, I’ve had the privilege of speaking at top blockchain conferences, sharing my insights and humbly inspiring others in the field. We recognized an opportunity to inject a sense of excitement and camaraderie into the crypto space. Traditional cryptocurrencies often lack the human element, and we aimed to change that narrative.”

Kuan-Ning Tseng, a co-founder and blockchain enthusiast, seeks to merge meme culture with digital currencies by creating a memecoin that provides real-world utility and value. Tseng explains, “Our goal was to bridge the gap between meme culture and digital currencies. While meme coins have surged in popularity, many lack substance. We set out to create a memecoin that not only entertains but also offers real-world utility and value, such as education serving as a utility for real-world assets, providing stakeholders with the knowledge and skills to manage and utilize these assets effectively and responsibly.”

Michele Musso, a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in journalism, particularly in TV/Radio production and content creation, brings a visionary mindset and strategic acumen to the Tetherball Memecoin project. Skilled in digital journalism, podcasting, promotions, and social media optimization, Michele has a proven track record of leading cross-functional teams to success and collaborating with various industries. Emphasizing the importance of utility in the project, Michele states, “From the outset, we understood that Tetherball Memecoin needed to deliver tangible benefits to its users while fostering a vibrant community. That’s why we’ve been exploring various utilities and integrations to enhance the user experience.”

Venture capitalist Jenny Q Ta, deeply involved in the blockchain, crypto, and web3 space since 2015, elaborated on her decision to fund the project: “Having seen the debates around Tether Stablecoin and other cryptocurrencies, I’ve voiced my opinions both ways. We decided to fund Tetherball Memecoin because it’s not only entertaining, but through memeing, we hope to bridge the pros and cons. Ultimately, cryptocurrency is here to stay, and despite legal challenges faced by companies like Binance and Tether, I believe Tether will remain a vital pillar of the crypto ecosystem.”

One standout feature of Tetherball Memecoin is that it is the first women-led memecoin, highlighting the importance of diversity and inclusion in the crypto space. The project aims to combine entertainment, transparency, and education, setting a new standard for how memecoins can contribute to the broader crypto community. Built on the Solana chain for scalability and efficiency, Tetherball Memecoin offers a seamless user experience while leveraging the latest blockchain technology.

“Tetherball Memecoin’s innovative tokenomics are structured to foster long-term growth and stability. With a fixed total supply of 888,888,888 tokens and no burning mechanism, transparency and predictability are ensured. This higher token count enhances liquidity and accessibility while maintaining scarcity compared to coins with larger supplies. Limited presale interests prevent excessive early distribution, while tokens are gradually distributed monthly to prevent market instability from sudden supply influxes. Airdrops are also released gradually for market stability, and liquidity pool incentives encourage sustained user participation. Monthly token distributions to team members further promote balanced token supply management and investor engagement. By eschewing burning, we utilize tokens for airdrops to grow the community and leverage staking to discourage dumping, ensuring sustainable token value over time,” said Ta, an instrumental part of Tetherball’s tokenomics strategy.

With Jenny Q Ta’s expertise and resources, the co-founders are optimistic about Tetherball Memecoin’s potential to disrupt the crypto landscape. “Jenny’s backing has been instrumental in navigating the complexities of the industry and propelling our project forward,” noted Alcantara.

As Tetherball Memecoin gains momentum within the crypto community, the co-founders remain committed to their vision of making cryptocurrency more accessible, entertaining, and inclusive. With a shared passion for innovation and community empowerment, they are poised to lead Tetherball Memecoin to new heights in the ever-evolving world of digital currencies.

Tetherball Memecoin is set to launch its public listing this Friday, July 5, with the ticker symbol to be announced soon. Until then, official updates and information about Tetherball Memecoin can be found exclusively on its website, www.tetherballcoin.com, and its official social media page on X (formerly Twitter) at https://twitter.com/tetherballcoin. For inquiries, please contact the team directly at

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