Texas, Get Ready for Helios Visions: Leading Drone Services Provider Expands to Lone Star State

HOUSTON, Dec. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chicago-based Helios Visions (www.heliosvisions.com), a rapidly growing national provider of drone services, today announced its expansion into Texas, with offices now located in Houston, Austin, and Dallas/Fort Worth. Supporting client projects throughout the region as the company rapidly expands to meet the extraordinary demand for drones to visually inspect critical infrastructure and construction projects.

Houston, Austin, and Dallas/Fort Worth are large markets, and it is a natural next step of our continuing expansion strategy. Moving into the Texas market allows us to best serve the needs of both existing and new clients in architecture, engineering, construction, and commercial real estate. Coupled with the urgent need for infrastructure inspections across the United States, it was the right time to expand our drone services in Texas. This also represents the continued growth and value provided by the commercial drone services industry as a whole,” said Co-Founder of Helios Visions, Ted Parisot.

Helios Visions brings years of dedicated drone inspection experience to the State of Texas by offering drone services in the following areas:

Infrastructure Inspection (bridges, overpasses, viaducts, etc.)

Building fa├žade inspection 

Construction progress documentation 

Commercial real estate

“Given its central location and the high population growth trajectory, we knew that expanding into the Texas market would allow us to best serve the needs of both existing and new clients. I am often traveling across Texas for other projects including Luby’s Restaurants and Charming Studios, so it is a natural progression for Helios Visions to expand our drone service offerings here,” said Calvin Gin, Co-Founder of Helios Visions.

Now with a presence in Texas, Helios Visions is even more centrally located in the U.S. to better support projects requiring drone services throughout the Southwest region of the United States.

About Helios Visions

Helios Visions is an infrastructure inspection drone services company specializing in drone-based bridge inspection, aerial data collection, & building facade inspection, with headquarters in Chicago, IL and serving partners and clients throughout the United States. Helios Visions is a member of the CompTIA and is fully compliant with FAA UAS/drone regulations, with an extensive portfolio of successful client projects. To learn more about Helios Visions, please call +1 (312) 999-0071 or visit the Helios Visions website.

Media Contact:
Ted Parisot
(312) 999-0071

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