The Cardknox Payment Gateway Announces Beta Support for E-Commerce Apple Pay

HOWELL, N.J., Sept. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Cardknox, the leading omnichannel payment gateway, today announced that its e-commerce payment integration supports Apple Pay. With the help of Cardknox’s beta support for this popular payment method, online retailers who integrate with Cardknox can easily provide their customers with a frictionless and mobile-friendly checkout experience.

Launched by Apple in 2014, the Apple Pay mobile wallet allows customers to securely store card data within their iOS device in order to quickly make payments online, in-store, or within a mobile app. While brick-and-mortar customers are able to pay with Apple Pay by tapping their iOS device on the merchant’s card reader, mobile shoppers who purchase an item online through their Safari browser can simply click the Apple Pay button and touch their finger to Touch ID to confirm the payment. This one-touch checkout experience eliminates manual entry of customer payment and billing information, which is why Apple Pay has been proven to increase e-commerce conversion rates.

Besides for its ability to speed up the mobile commerce checkout experience, Apple Pay features robust security to prevent fraud. Whenever a card is saved to Apple Pay, the data is tokenized and encrypted so that the actual card data cannot be transmitted to the merchant’s servers during the sale. Additionally, Apple Pay utilizes fingerprint verification technology to prevent unauthorized access to the device.

“With mobile devices quickly on their way to becoming the most popular platforms for e-commerce shopping, Cardknox is pleased to provide merchants and software developers with a simple Apple Pay integration,” says Cardknox Vice President of Sales, Mark Paley. “We strive to provide e-commerce merchants and their developers with the most innovative and secure payment solutions, and we’re confident that this latest feature will add tremendous value to the online checkout flow—especially at a time when e-commerce is experiencing tremendous growth.”

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