The Koa Club Helps Women in Tech Take Bold Strides to Land and Thrive in Leadership Roles

SEATTLE, July 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Recent studies show that the tech industry has made steady progress to elevate more women to leadership roles. According to an April 2022 Deloitte Insights article, "women in tech leadership are making the fastest advances" in narrowing the gender gap.

There are many advantages to putting women in leadership roles: they bring fresh new ideas, different perspectives and unique approaches to problem solving. On top of that, a larger share of female leaders improves workplace diversity and strengthens collaboration in and between teams. 

"Helping women succeed is helping our society and economy succeed. The benefits of increasing the share of female leaders are well documented; it’s high time for corporations to walk their talk and for women to focus on overcoming the particular challenges that hold them back," said Micha Goebig, a confidence coach who specializes in supporting women in male-dominated industries.

Some challenges commonly faced by women working in male-dominated industries are self-doubt, the dreaded imposter syndrome, fear of not being taken seriously, lack of appropriate role models, and greater stress and anxiety. The Koa Club has now launched a six-month leadership training program, based on monthly two-hour workshops, specifically for women in tech to boldly take on, and learn effective strategies to manage, these issues. The participants are also assigned to Mentorship Huddles™, facilitated by a peer mentor, where they can collaborate closely in a small group setting with other participants from the tech industry, to share insights, best practices and helpful encouragement throughout the length of the program.

"In addition to organizations finding more ways to elevate and support female talent, it is key to help their women overcome issues that hold them back, so that they can succeed in attaining leadership roles and thrive once they get there," said Susan Seah, CEO and founder of The Koa Club.

The Women in Tech Leadership Program kicks off on September 14, 2022, with a roundtable discussion featuring powerhouse women IT leaders, including Lisa Cohen, Head of Data Science at Twitter; Cyra Richardson, Chief Product Officer at Attabotics; and Lisa Hillman, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Snohomish County, State of Washington.

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About The Koa ClubThe Koa Club (the term "Koa" meaning "brave") is a global community of high achieving women. The Club is aimed at helping women gain knowledge, skills, inspiration, and connections to foster their professional and personal growth. To deliver on that mission, The Koa Cub also creates customized and scalable women leadership programming for private and public sector organizations.

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