The Mobile App That Reinvented the Highway, Reinvents the City

NEW YORK, Sept. 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Nexit today announced the launch of their new innovative city mode, helping users find all their needs on the map at the same time, in the same area of the city. Nexit was launched in December 2019 as the only all-in-one app for highway travelers, going beyond what existing map apps provide. In addition to turn-by-turn directions, Nexit also helps drivers customize the perfect road trip by finding exactly what they want, when they need it, on the road they are traveling on. Nexit now brings that same innovation to the local market with city mode. The app that reinvented the highway, reinvents the city.

Unlike Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze, Nexit city mode allows users to search the city (or highway), for an unlimited combination of brands and categories – including popular restaurants, hotels, shopping, and other attractions. Users can also search by multiple amenities, such as wi-fi, ATM, pets allowed, and all of this will be displayed on the map at the same time. This helps users find the area in the city that has all of their preferences in the same area. Nexit’s industry-leading search functions are available to plan and enjoy your day around the city in a more convenient, user-friendly way.

“All existing navigation apps tell you where to drive. Only Nexit tells you where to stop,” said Randy Carpenter, Nexit President and CEO. “We bring that same focus and user experience to the city. Let’s say you are walking around New York City and you want a Subway sandwich, your companion wants a Dunkin’ Donut, and you both need a pharmacy; with the new city mode, Nexit will show you all of these searches on the map at the same time, allowing you to see where you can do all of these things in the same area.”

“We’re thrilled to continue our record of innovation for mapping navigation users, whether they are planning a trip across the country, driving across the state, or walking around large cities,” said Dr. Vincent Ebuh, Nexit founder and chairman. “We know that there will be significant demand from users who are often frustrated by the limits of other mapping apps. We’re proud to make city searches easier and more enjoyable with Nexit.”

Nexit is the smartest map you will ever use and solves many common frustrations of existing navigation apps, whether walking around in city mode or driving in highway mode. For example, while driving on the highway, if you search in Google Maps or Apple Maps for “McDonald’s,” you will see McDonald’s location near you, even if it’s 20 minutes in the opposite direction. Nexit only shows you options that are on your way, relevant to your route. With innovations like “TravMatch” – showing where all of your preferences along the way occur at the same exit, or “GasMatch” – showing the cheapest gas on your route, Nexit brings innovation to the mapping navigation market. City mode continues this innovation and expands the user experience to walking around the city, or driving in your local market. City mode is available now in the United States, and will be coming next year to cities around the world, so visitors to cities like London, Berlin, Sydney and Paris can have a more convenient and enjoyable exploration of the city.

The app covers the entire continental United States and its premium features are free for all users. Nexit is available in the App Store for Apple iOS operating systems and will be coming soon to Android.

About Nexit
Nexit is the all-in-one navigation app to power the perfect road trip. Designed as the next generation in mobile mapping, Nexit provides turn-by-turn navigation and the ability to find exactly what you are looking for, when you need it, along your way. Nexit users can search for any combination of restaurants, hotels, shopping, attractions, the cheapest gas and more based on price, distance and specific features. All existing navigation apps tell you where to drive. Only Nexit tells you where to stop. Nexit is available for free in the App Store. To learn more about Nexit visit,



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