The World's Most Powerful Modular Robot

SHENZHEN, China, April 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Umbratek, a cutting-edge new robotic tech startup, has just released its first robotic arm series called the UTRA series on Kickstarter.

With 5 different robot arm models to choose from, the UTRA series is the world’s most powerful and most affordable modular robot on the market today. 

Ranging from 4 to 6 axis and built with a modular structure design, each arm can be configured to meet your business needs. Being 90% produced in-house, the UTRA series is approximately 70% more affordable than leading worldwide competitors.

Payload: Up to 20kg 
Repeatability: Up to ±0.01mm 
Weight to Payload Ratio: Up to 0.75 
Reach: Up to 1500mm 
Quick-Release Module: 2s tool change speed 

Driving the revolutionary UTRA series is Umbratek’s ADRA Actuator series. Each ADRA Actuator is built to last and comes with a high-precision harmonic reducer made of high-strength aviation aluminum and high-carbon chromium steel.

A high-torque density, and compact structure, enable the motor to be integrated into the actuator and lessens the actuator weight. Each actuator is fitted with high-performance servo drivers, which use field-oriented control, to protect against overvoltage, overcurrent, over-temperature, reverse connection, undervoltage ESD, short-circuiting, and rotor lock. The ADRA series also uses dual GMR+TMR hybrid detection technology and comes with a 16-bit off-axis multi-turn absolute encoder.

Evan Deng, founder and CEO of Umbratek, stated, “Umbratek focuses on high-performance dynamic robots and control systems. We’ve spent the last few years developing simplified, customized, affordable robotic solutions for your various needs. Our robots provide fresh energy for industrial automation, logistics, medical, agricultural, and many more settings.”

Umbratek was built with growth in mind. With meticulous design and implementation, Umbratek is always thinking forward. They want to become a world-leading enterprise in the field of dynamic robotics and control systems and continue to explore the limits of the world, working on cutting-edge technologies, and delivering knowledge and technology to those that need it.

Perfect for automation and AI-related applications, the UTRA series is available for as low as $2999 and the ADRA actuator series as low as $529 with their Super Early Bird Special only on 

Umbratek was founded in 2019 by the founder and CEO of UFactory. After being responsible for the revolutionization of desktop robotics, Umbratek was formed with the idea of developing quality assured robotics and robotic control systems at industry-breaking prices. 

The first range of solutions that Umbratek is offering is the UTRA Robot series, the ADRA Actuator series, and their corresponding software – Umbratek Studio & Assistant. 

To help Umbratek bring its UTRA series to the market, they are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter on the 5th of April, 2021. 






Umbratek Kickstarter campaign: Click Here

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