‘Think You Are Good Enough to Hack Your Way to the Mega Prize? Let’s Find Out’ – The DERO Project Opens dARCH Hackathon, Offers 10,000 DERO Prize Pool and Exclusive NFA Trophies

AMSTERDAM, Nov. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The DERO Project announced the official opening of the Decentralized Architecture Competition Series (dARCH), a six-month hackathon scheduled from November 1, 2022 through May 1, 2023 with a total prize pool currently valued at over $40,000. The dARCH competition will take place in three separate events with DERO tokens and NFA trophies awarded for the winner of each event.

The final winner in Event Three will be awarded 1,000 DERO at the competition’s end and earns the title of Grand Champion. DERO is a general purpose, private, and scalable decentralized application platform that allows developers to deploy powerful, innovative, and unstoppable applications – all while retaining complete private control over their assets.

“We’re excited to open this competition because the dARCH hackathon is a celebration of our overarching goal,” said DERO officials. “The DERO Project is the only L1 Private Smart Contract platform in existence that uses a homomorphically encrypted blockchain. Smart contracts can be written in easy-to-learn BASIC and services can be written in any language. dARCH is the genesis, a starting point for building a thriving ecosystem that protects a user’s privacy while also enabling lightning-fast transactions and settlement times. And for the next six months, some of best minds in crypto are going to display exactly how this is done.”

dARCH – Event One

With a duration of three months, the first event has eight parts, each awarding a prize of 750 DERO. The parts include Games, Private Competition System, NFA Set, On-Chain Options and Futures, Visual Scripting, Customizable BBS Service, Hardware Wallets, and OpenSource Nodes.

Programming skills used in this event include creating games that are fun and fully utilize the DERO blockchain as part of their core functionality, creating NFA sets with unique items registered on the DERO blockchain, building basic smart contracts, and many other detailed tasks involving the DERO protocol.

dARCH – Event Two

The second event will last two full months and has four parts, each awarding a prize of 750 DERO. The categories are eSports, DeFi, Education and Development Tools, Hardware and IoT. Event Two requires granular programming feats like integrating DERO wallet support on a hardware wallet and creating DeFi systems using on-chain data only.

dARCH – Event Three

The final event will take place over the last month, with scoring and grading of the previous two events combined to crown the best of the best. The ultimate winner will receive a NFA trophy and a grand prize of 1000 DERO.

Read the full hackathon description, along with Terms and Conditions, on Medium.com. For up-to-the-minute news on the platform, visit the DERO Forum. And follow the DERO Project on social media: Twitter, Discord, Telegram.

About the DERO Project – Privacy Together

Originally launched in 2017, with mainnet and smart contracts released at the beginning of 2022, the DERO Project is a platform for developers to deploy secure, open, scalable, and privacy-preserving decentralized applications. DERO is unique because the developers value security and privacy above all else, allowing users to transact privately over the network without fear of pitfalls, scammers, identity theft, common protocol-level or network attacks. And with tech that preserves transparency where required, scaling with network load, DERO provides the ideal environment for business-class applications. Learn more about the DERO Homomorphic Encryption Blockchain Protocol (DHEBP) at: www.Dero.io.

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