TVM.Bio® Introduces New Tool to Fight COVID Pandemic and Potentially Stop Lockdowns: Smart COVID Card™ Helps Individual Users Verify Negative Disease Status, Keeping Communities, Businesses and Employers Safe Through Data Sharing

TAMPA, Fla., Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TVM.Bio® officially announced the release of its patent-pending Smart COVID Card™ to help businesses and local governments battle the spread of the ongoing global pandemic (Smart COVID Card – The Smart COVID Card™ is a piece of modern technology that uses USB and Near Field Communication (NFC) to securely encode, store and access confidential medical information like COVID-19 test results through a secured HIPAA portal. Used voluntarily, and in tandem with TVM.Bio’s highly accurate rapid-response COVID-19 mobile testing facilities, the Smart COVID Card™ can help red-zone lockdown areas bring the pandemic under control. A full explainer video is available via YouTube.

“What we’re seeing now is an almost-full shutdown of businesses and service industries in red zone areas, due to the inability to share negative test results; especially in heavily populated areas, like Brooklyn New York,” said TVM.Bio® President, Roger Singh. “Testing is extremely important, as is the accuracy and standardization of those tests. But what use is this information if it is not securely stored and voluntarily shared in real time? Businesses and governments need to know who is infected and who is not, in a streamlined, reliable way, if they are going to protect the public. And individuals need a way to accurately communicate their COVID infection status, because individual businesses and citizens who are COVID negative should be free from lockdowns. That is where the Smart COVID Card™ can help.”  TVM.Bio® has presented the Smart COVID Card™ to Ryan Lynch, Chief of Staff at the offices of Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and has an upcoming meeting with Councilman Chaim Deutsch from the New York City Council with hopes of getting their technology to Brooklyn businesses that are already on lockdown.

TVM.Bio®: Smart COVID Card™ Features and Uses

After COVID-19 testing, citizens can voluntarily share their infectious level, read at-a-glance via a convenient and unique color-coded Personal Infectious Level Chart. Other features of the Smart COVID Card™ include: 

  • Files are individualized to each user and password protected, with two-factor authentication, and each card is fully CDC, HIPPA, HITECH, EEOC, OSHA and ADA compliant.
  • Quick and easy: employers and employees can communicate COVID-19 status almost instantly, ensuring the safety of other employees and the public.
  • Capable of being used with any rapid PCR or Antigen test, the Smart COVID Card™ and HIPAA portal can provide effective contact tracing information and current data on quarantine efforts.

The Smart COVID Card™ is constantly evolving and TVM.Bio® has plans on partnering with festivals, music concerts, trade shows, and sporting events to make fans experiences safer and more enjoyable.  TVM.Bio® believes that the use of apps on cell phones to share COVID-19 test results will have many issues and urges promoters to contact them.  For one, it is very easy for an individual to alter a COVID-19 test result image or email on their cell phone to gain entry into an event.  Two, individuals who don’t have cell phones or their cell phone batteries cannot hold a charge for long periods of time will have entry issues.  Another serious issue that may arise comes from using only one maker of a COVID test.  The inability to have a secure and stable supply chain in time for large events will surely create dilemmas.  The use of an anti-counterfeit credential with the ability to work with any COVID test to quickly and securely gain entry at a venue only makes sense.   

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