UmbrellaAI Collaborates with MBA Students to Unlock the Value Proposition of a New Type of Transparent AI Called StructuralAI

WILMINGTON, N.C., June 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — This “StructuralAI” from UmbrellaAI enables transparent applications where users can see and audit how the AI makes its decisions. This is in direct contrast to the more well-known GenerativeAI using Large Language Models (LLM). Their results are not trackable. These LLM’s are a “Black Box” and cannot be fully trusted, due to their lack of transparency. In comparison StructuralAI is a “Glass Box”

MBA students at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business learned about UmbrellaAI’s Structural AI. They developed hypotheses about the most attractive go-to-market opportunities. “Many of our students were learning about business problems surrounding AI for the first time. Yet they immediately recognized the distinctiveness of StructuralAI,” said Prof. Dennie Kim.

This unique partnership between a technology company and university-based research started with UmbrellaAI’s 4-year collaboration with Golden Gate University in San Francisco. They focused on developing the technology with an eye on the Black Box problem.

“Our original focus on the R&D was for developing an AI for the early diagnosis of disease,” said Chip Venters, CEO of UmbrellaAI. “Healthcare applications must be transparent and auditable for use according to the CDC. The Darden students’ strategic analyses turned the focus on other industries that also required transparency.”

“We were impressed by the creativity of the pitches,” said Prof. Kim. “They ranged from diagnosing problems with cars, farm equipment, and medical devices to improving college admissions. Forecasting natural disasters was also a great application. Others included assisting in legal cases and helping medical students prepare for exams. The market opportunity and impact on society were extremely compelling.”

UmbrellaAI’s COO, Kent Locklear is a UVA medical school and Darden MBA graduate. He said, “Dennie’s students opened our eyes to the true potential of what we have been working on. As a result, we are going to move to more of a platform approach. We will still use it for disease diagnosis but are opening it up for use on the applications that Darden students identified.”

Professor Dr. Rao Mikkilineni from GGU: “The future of AI is transforming. The new StructuralAI approach paves the way for transparent AI. This is AI with guardrails, no hallucinations, and fully auditable. UmbrellaAI will continue their collaboration with the Darden School and Golden Gate.

UmbrellaAI will continue their collaboration with Prof. Kim and Darden students to further explore the business applications of StructuralAI and help students get hands-on exposure to real world business problems at the cutting edge of AI technology. “With Golden Gate continuing to develop the technology, the university-based partnership to develop a fundamental new AI is ground breaking in itself,” said Venters. “We are very excited about this next stage.”

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