Uniblock Raises a $2.3M Funding Round

SF and Toronto-based startup that aims to transform how developers build on the blockchain, launches first unified API platform for Web3

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Uniblock, a San Francisco and Toronto-based startup that’s transforming how developers build on the blockchain through its pioneering Unified Web3 API platform, is thrilled to announce a funding round of $2.3 million. The round includes participation from Cadenza, Blockchain Founders Fund, Side Door Ventures, AQN, Serafund, Outsider Ventures, and others.

Uniblock’s goal is to be the default developer platform that companies use when building for the blockchain. Today, blockchain development is fragmented and inefficient due to the time and expense involved to maintain the myriad of Web3 integrations essential for product success. Uniblock aims to unify this scattered market by connecting the best blockchain tools such as Alchemy, thirdweb, Moralis, Parsiq, Covalent, QuickNode and many more, into one easy-to-use platform. This milestone enables Uniblock to accelerate the development of its Unified Web3 API platform, integrating hundreds of top Web3 connections and endpoints into one tool enabling faster and more scalable blockchain development.

Co-founded by Kevin Callahan (CEO), David Liu (CTO), and James Liu (VP Eng), Uniblock was created out of the group’s shared vision to make blockchain development accessible and scalable. Kevin has a background in Product and Partnerships, was formerly at Coinbase and Twitter, and is an adjunct professor in Product Management at Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) and an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Ivey School of Business. David is previously the co-founder of ANIFTY, an anime NFT marketplace that was acquired, and is an adjunct lecturer of blockchain at the University of Toronto. James was a lead engineer at ANIFTY, and a lead blockchain developer on several Web3 projects. He holds a degree in statistical machine learning and artificial intelligence from the University of Toronto.

Speaking about the investment, Aly Madhavji, Managing Partner at Blockchain Founders Fund, says, “Uniblock’s innovative approach to Web3 development holds the promise of transforming how blockchain products are built. We’re backing their mission to tackle this fragmented market with their easy-to-use Unified Web3 API platform. Their platform is a massive upgrade for any company that wants to build, manage, and maintain a Web3 product.”

Echoing similar sentiments, Kumar Dandapani, Managing Partner at Cadenza says, “We were immediately excited about the opportunity to work with Kevin, David and James. We’re acutely aware of the market need for their Unified Web3 API platform and have the utmost confidence in the team to execute on their vision.”

Uniblock envisions a future where every company can easily build for the blockchain and maintain their product using a singular platform. With Uniblock that future is today.

About Uniblock

Uniblock empowers Web3 developers by providing a single platform with access to all essential Web3 tools. We offer normalized data across various Web3 platforms, complete with backup and error handling. Our goal is to consolidate the top Web3 integrations into one comprehensive toolkit, allowing developers to scale their projects seamlessly. We’re committed to partnering with leading tools like Alchemy, ThirdWeb, Moralis, Parsiq, and QuickNode to streamline integrations across all Web3 categories, including DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, Tokens, Security, On-ramp, and more. With Uniblock, developers can trust in the consistent delivery of their data, even in the face of service disruptions.

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