Unicoin is Emerging as a Beneficiary of the Unfolding Crypto Crisis

Unicoin reaches $200 million in sales as investors recognize the upside of asset-backed coins

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As Bitcoin‘s value decreased by 20% in just a few days, investors have purchased over $200 million of unicoins, recognizing the upside of investing in cryptocurrency that solves the most acute problem of the market – its extreme volatility.

“Unicoin is designed to be a stable and dividend-paying cryptocurrency. It mitigates the risks and vulnerabilities of First Wave coins whose value can drop by double-digits as a result of external factors because Unicoin’s value is backed by the enhanced version of a gold standard: equity in emerging growth companies and other assets,” said Alex Konanykhin, CEO of Unicoin.

Unicoin launched its presale in February of 2022 and is focused on developing exceptional brand value and a strong equity portfolio of assets in advance of its plan to launch on major crypto exchanges in 2023. Unicoin received extensive brand visibility as the official cryptocurrency of the Unicorn Hunters show, featuring business luminaries, industry leaders, and policymakers including Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, and Rosie Rios, 43rd Treasurer of the United States. Forbes magazine described Unicorn Hunters as “the most iconic business series of recent times.”

“The silver lining in the latest crypto implosion is that it has created favorable conditions for smart investors, decreasing the pricing of crypto assets without reducing the long-term growth chances of the crypto market. While the FTX debacle has caused an immediate negative ripple effect, it does not endanger cryptocurrencies as an asset class. Instead, it makes it clear that the market has to evolve into smarter coins that are backed by assets and real value in a regulated marketplace where investors are protected,” added Konanykhin.

Unicoins are now available for purchase at Unicoin.com U.S. residents shall be “accredited investors,” to purchase Unicoins. The minimum purchase price of unicoins is $1,000, with a 50% discount applied to purchases over $25,000.

Unicoin, Inc. is a publicly-reporting company based in the United States and compliant with securities regulations.

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