Unicoin is Offered as the Perfect Gift for This Holiday Season: Free, Valuable, and Unique

Send your friends and family 100 free unicoins, assets-backed cryptocurrency designed for profitability

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Unicoin, the next-generation cryptocurrency from the producers of the Unicorn Hunters show announced that this holiday season everyone can send 100 unicoins to their friends or relatives, free of charge, as part of its Best Gift Ever campaign. One hundred unicoins are valued at $40 based on their current base price of 40¢/ú, but their value may grow to over $4,000 by 2027. Unicoin is well-positioned to succeed as it addresses the most acute problem of the crypto market: its extreme volatility. Through this campaign, Unicoin aims to increase awareness of its benefits prior to its launch on exchanges which is planned for the next year.

“So many people suffered from the price plunge of Bitcoin and other assetless first-generation cryptocurrencies this year,” said
, CEO of Unicoin. “We’d like to make the holiday season merrier by introducing them to next-generation cryptocurrency: assets-backed, audited, publicly-reporting and dividend-paying.”

The FTX implosion heralded the end of the reign of opaque coins backed by no assets, and Unicoin offers a solution to their volatility as it is designed to be a dividend-paying cryptocurrency backed by equity in emerging growth companies and other assets. Unicoin has received international acclaim since its public introduction 9 months ago and it is the official currency of the Unicorn Hunters show, “the most iconic business series of recent times,” according to Forbes magazine.

Everyone can send 100 free unicoins to anyone on their list from now until December 31st, as long as they are not already Unicoin holders. Go to Unicoin.com/gift to send your gifts today.

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Kharis Brooks

SOURCE Unicoin