Unlock Protocol Announces NFT Airdrop by Email Capability

The new capability will allow NFTs to be airdropped via email, even without a crypto wallet

NEW YORK, Feb. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Unlock Protocol, the NFT-based protocol enabling creators and brands to form direct relationships with their communities online, has created the capability for NFTs to be airdropped directly through email, without a crypto wallet. This means that ticketing, loyalty programs and more can be run on-chain without having to direct users through clunky crypto on-boarding processes. These NFTs can be used to engage and connect communities beyond the ticket or membership program and unlock engagement beyond a singular experience.

“The biggest difficulty for brands wanting to leverage NFTs is the user experience of integrating crypto wallets and being comfortable in that environment,” said Julien Genestoux, CEO and Founder of Unlock Protocol. “By taking NFTs directly to audiences through email, a whole new world of adoption is possible. What we’ve built with this integration has the ability to transform a brand experience into the world of community building.”

Historically, a major drawback for brands thinking about incorporating blockchain-based solutions into their membership experiences has been the friction introduced for their target audiences. Unlock’s innovation brings together existing forms of connection like email and the powerful new tools of Web3 to ease this transition and allow for more comfortable user experiences.

NFTs are a powerful technology for enabling the next generation of membership experiences. By having memberships live on blockchains, a type of shared public infrastructure, a new design space opens for brands to easily collaborate. Think retail chains playing the favorite music of everyone shopping at each of their stores based on the listening history that’s tied to their music streaming memberships. Likewise, membership points from shopping with one brand could be enabled for use at partner brands.

“NFTs are on their way to operating as backend infrastructure that users don’t even know they’re dealing with. This has been the most applicable use case for this technology from the beginning, and this recent update takes us one step closer to that reality,” said Genestoux. “The days of expensive ape pictures are hopefully behind us, so it’s time to focus on using this technology as digital infrastructure.”

The reality is that forcing people to jump through hoops setting up blockchain wallets just to on-board them into this new paradigm is cumbersome and unnecessary. Unlock makes it easy to use existing touchpoints like email to avoid this mess, so Web3 technologies stay in the background even as they’re enabling exciting new experiences for everyone.

About Unlock

Unlock is building the web’s new business model by enabling new ways for creators to monetize their content through a decentralized, access control system. Unlock’s solution is an open source, Ethereum-based protocol that streamlines membership benefits for online communities by giving creators control over subscriptions and access to their content, without any middlemen. The Unlock Protocol can be applied to publishing (paywalls), newsletters, software licenses or even the physical world, such as with transportation systems. The web revolutionized all of these areas – Unlock will make them economically viable.

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