Veratad Announces Partnership with CLEAR to Expand ‘IDMax’ Digital Identity Credentials Ecosystem

TEANECK, N.J., June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Veratad Technologies, a pioneering force in age and identity verification solutions, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with CLEAR, the secure identity company. This collaboration marks a significant expansion of the ‘IDMax’ feature within the Veratad VX platform, integrating CLEAR’s trusted, reusable identity verification technology into the IDMax family. This partnership also underscores Veratad’s commitment to enhancing customer onboarding efficiency and flexibility by broadening the spectrum of accepted digital identity credentials.

John E. Ahrens, CEO at Veratad, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: “Our alliance with CLEAR is a testament to our dedication to leveraging innovative technology to meet the evolving needs of our customers. By incorporating CLEAR’s identity verification technology into ‘IDMax’, we’re not only expanding our verification capabilities but also ensuring our clients have access to the most comprehensive and secure identity verification solutions available.”

The integration of CLEAR’s technology with ‘IDMax’ enriches the existing suite of verification methods offered by Veratad, including identity data verification, ID document verification, mobile phone verification, Smart2Factor, knowledge-based authentication (KBA), age estimation, and biometrics. This enhancement aligns with Veratad’s mission to provide a wide array of reliable digital identity credentials, further securing and streamlining the customer verification process.

Thomas Canfarotta, VP of Product at Veratad, commented on the expansion: “The inclusion of CLEAR within the ‘IDMax’ ecosystem represents a pivotal step forward in our efforts to redefine the digital verification landscape. CLEAR’s reputation for secure and seamless identity verification complements our goal to offer a versatile, user-centric platform through Veratad VX. This partnership empowers our customers to seamlessly integrate a broader range of digital identity credentials into their verification processes.”

“At CLEAR, we are obsessed with making experiences safer and easier – both physically and digitally. We are excited to join forces with Veratad Technologies and bring our identity solutions to the ‘IDMax’ platform – setting a new standard for trust and convenience in the digital age.” – Sam Adeyemi, Senior Director, Channel Sales at CLEAR

CLEAR’s advanced identity verification technology, combined with Veratad’s ‘IDMax’, enhances the verification process, providing a frictionless experience for users while maintaining the highest standards of security and privacy.

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Veratad Technologies is at the forefront of online age and identity verification solutions, committed to protecting businesses and consumers in a digital world. With a diverse range of verification methods and technologies, Veratad’s solutions are designed to mitigate fraud risks, comply with regulatory requirements, and ensure a secure and efficient online experience.

CLEAR’s mission is to create frictionless experiences. With more than 20 million members and a growing network of partners across the world, CLEAR’s identity platform is transforming the way people live, work, and travel. Whether you are traveling, at the stadium, or on your phone, CLEAR connects you to the things that make you, you – making everyday experiences easier, more secure, and friction-free. CLEAR is committed to privacy done right. Members are always in control of their own information, and we never sell member data. For more information, visit

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