Veratad Introduces ‘IDMax’: A Groundbreaking New Global Service Feature for Acceptance of Reusable Digital Identity Credentials

TEANECK, N.J., Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Veratad Technologies, a leader in age and identity verification solutions, today announced the launch of ‘IDMax’, a new innovative feature within its comprehensive identity orchestration platform, Veratad VX. ‘IDMax’ enables businesses to accept third-party reusable digital identity credentials, enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of customer onboarding processes alongside Veratad’s other verification methods.

John E. Ahrens, CEO at Veratad, commented on the launch of IDMax: “The introduction of ‘IDMax’ marks a significant milestone in our journey to provide our customers with the most advanced age and identity verification solution in our industry. This feature allows our clients to essentially future-proof their verification strategies by seamlessly integrating these newly available government-issued and other trusted reusable digital identity credentials into their orchestrated customer journeys within our Veratad VX platform.”

IDMax is designed to complement Veratad’s existing suite of verification methods, including identity data verification, ID document verification, mobile phone verification, Smart2Factor, knowledge-based authentication (KBA), age estimation, and biometrics. All of these methods, including IDMax, are orchestrated by Veratad’s VX platform, known for its low-code integration and no-code orchestration, enabling customers to design personalized online age and identity verification journeys.

Thomas Canfarotta, VP of Product at Veratad, highlighted the impact of ‘IDMax’: “With ‘IDMax’, we are enhancing the capabilities of Veratad VX, allowing our customers to incorporate a wide range of reusable digital identity credentials. This not only boosts the platform’s security and efficiency but also aligns with our mission to innovate and afford our customers the widest choice of available verification methods.”

The introduction of ‘IDMax’ underscores Veratad’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art, reliable, and flexible verification methods. This new feature positions Veratad at the forefront of age and identity verification technology in the digital age.

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