Version 4.2 Of Appinium's All-In-One Salesforce App Gets Major Updates

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The only suite of native Salesforce video and learning apps designed to drive behavior by correlating engagement data to actual results is getting a major update. Version 4.2 adds innovative new features like social learning and video-powered cases as well as continuing to expand on its market-leading learning functionality with equivalencies and enhanced administrative tools.

Appinium’s suite of apps allows the Salesforce ecosystem to drive engagement across an entire organization – from customers, partners and employees to members and students. And Version 4.2 extends that flexibility even further, beginning with features aimed at the learning experience. The first feature is Equivalencies,  which allows users to choose how they would like to learn, whether it be video-based, in-person, reading, or jumping straight to a quiz. Regardless of which method they choose, the results are trackable and available natively in Salesforce so you can not only track who is learning what, but also how they are choosing to do so. The second is Social Learning, which leverages Chatter Groups and Chatter Topics in order to create a collaborative and social experience within the learning environment. These new Social Learning features allow users to maintain the community aspect of learning that they might currently be missing in this age of isolation and social distancing.

This update also introduces “Video Case,” which completely reimagines customer service for the modern era. There is no longer a reason to ask your customers to type a lengthy description of the issue they’re having, or to try to remember the steps to replicate it. With Video Case, it allows users to simply record a video and click submit. When your customer service team receives that case, they’ll see exactly what the customer sees as they are seeing it, and can respond in the same manner. And – as with virtually all of Appinium’s features – every Video Case interaction is fully trackable, so you’ll know what’s effective and what’s not.

Other major updates include seamless and flexible ways to version and manage your media and learning plans across your organization. Now, from one place, you can update content across all channels and audiences, or be selective about which audience you want to impact. All while still collecting valuable insights across all versions.

“No one brings together data on human behavior as it relates to business the way we do.”- says Appinium CEO and Founder, Steven Jacobson, “Think of Appinium as a river that picks up vital information regarding marketing, sales-enablement, customer-service, and learning, along the way. That data ensures connectivity, and it’s connectivity that drives behavior.”

Appinium recognizes that data drives the future. This is why their team has gone to great lengths to build a product that acquires, compiles, and delivers an unprecedented level of marketing, sales, learning, and customer-service data on the platform where it can be used most effectively on the world’s most powerful platform: Salesforce.

All new features are currently available in version 4.2. 

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