VetsinTech Academy Unveiled

SAN FRANCISCO, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — VetsinTech (ViT), the leading national non-profit dedicated to advancing career opportunities for veterans in the tech industry, is unveiling its VetsinTech Academy. Designed to train and springboard veterans into tech-based jobs, VetsinTech Academy raises the bar with focused training, education and employment. Bringing all training and education services under one umbrella, VetsinTech Academy broadens veterans’ training and employment opportunities.

VetsinTech Academy is made possible through generous sponsorship from Craig Newmark Philanthropies and DraftKings’ Tech for Heroes. With this announcement of VetsinTech Academy, ViT is also launching the Craig Newmark Cybersecurity Institute for Veterans to increase the number of course offerings and veterans trained in Cybersecurity fields.

VetsinTech Academy will support veterans with complete ‘training pathways’ and immersive programs to explore specific careers. For example, veterans interested in a cybersecurity career will be provided basic training with cybersecurity fundamentals to more advanced certifications. VetsinTech will provide course offerings and the ability to book training classes via the new ViT Academy portal.

VetsinTech Academy also offers veterans an extended range of training and employment services, including:

  • Training on leading software platforms such as Palo Alto Networks, AWS, IBM, Cisco, Splunk and Salesforce Administration
  • Instructor-led classes in Cybersecurity Web Development, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and more
  • Online training and access to a repository of other 3rd party, FREE, online learning classes offered by many industry-leading tech companies working with VetsinTech today
  • Professional training in non-coding related roles such as tech sales positions
  • Employment matching with over 30+ top tech companies in the VetsinTech employer coalition
  • Mentorships and apprenticeships that provide on the job training with industry-leading technology companies
  • An online portal for veterans to navigate the curriculum and training available
  • In-person and online networking opportunities through quarterly employer meetups and the VetsinTech Invasion National Conference

Last year, VetsinTech trained more than 1,000 veterans, with 90% landing a new job or getting upskilled in a current role.

“Our veterans are synonymous with national security. They’re a natural resource in becoming cybersecurity experts or other tech professionals. VetsinTech is best positioned to help veterans secure these career opportunities, and I am happy to support the expansion of our cybersecurity training through the VetsinTech Academy,” said Craig Newmark, Founder of craigslist and Craig Newmark Philanthropies, and a board member of VetsinTech.

“It’s our honor to give back to the many veterans and military spouses who have served, and continue to serve, our country,” said Jason Robins, DraftKings co-founder, Chairman and CEO. “In just under three years, our work with VetsinTech has allowed us to train over 300 heroes with in-demand, high-tech skills, and I’m proud to continue our support of VetsinTech as we work together to elevate those who sacrificed so much for the betterment of our communities and country.”

“I’d like to thank both DraftKings and Craig Newmark Philanthropies for their continued commitment and support of our veterans. We’re able to unveil VetsinTech Academy and the Craig Newmark Cybersecurity Institute for Veterans because of their generous support. We all need to do more to support the 200,000 veterans who transition to the civilian workforce every year. We believe at least 50% of them can land a role in the tech industry. VetsinTech Academy is the most comprehensive, tech-focused training and curriculum in the industry,” said Katherine Webster, founder and CEO of VetsinTech.

About VetsinTech
Based in San Francisco, with more than 50,000 vets strong and 20 chapters across the country, VetsinTech is the leading national non-profit devoted 100% to springboarding veterans into tech careers. VetsinTech harnesses the national technology ecosystem to benefit veterans returning from active military duty and who want to apply their exceptional training, skills, and experience to a new technology career. Comprising technology industry leaders and former service members, VetsinTech is the only non-profit supporting our veterans through tech-based programs and opportunities in education, employment, and entrepreneurship. For more information, interested parties can visit

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