Virtual Dog Training Classes Better than In-Person Classes, Pandemic or Not

HOUSTON, May 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Live, virtual dog training classes help dog lovers train their pets with positive reinforcement at home with coaching by an industry expert. Virtual classes were a required pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic and students are succeeding with their dogs at such a great rate that The Mannerly Dog will continue them for the foreseeable future. Owner Nancy Kelly, CPDT-KA says, “We have taught satisfied dog and cat owners from Canada, four U.S. states, and all over Texas during the pandemic. We provide personal support like a local business, but we’re accessible to pet owners everywhere.”

It is a myth that beginner dogs and their owners should gather in a crowded, unfamiliar room to socialize while learning obedience skills. In too many cases, dogs stress out over the strange location and unfamiliar people. Owners try to follow the teacher’s instructions over the barking while their dogs hide under chairs or jump up on people. All this after a car ride, which may have made their new dog feel uncomfortable or require clean-up. An hour class and travel time plus loading into and out of the car can take up an entire evening.

Many services have gone virtual; dog training has proven to be one that is even more effective in this format. Dogs not ready to travel comfortably in the car, don’t have to. Class is at home, where live lessons are taught by an expert. A quiet, controlled environment helps dogs and humans learn. Students choose their home training area. Classes include instructions for practicing skills in other locations once the dog learns them.

As an additional bonus, cats are now enrolled in virtual classes, right along with the dogs – impossible with in-person classes. Cat owners are successfully teaching their cats to walk on leashes and to leave them alone during dinnertime, giving cats mental stimulation that increases their quality of life.

A student who previously trained in The Mannerly Dog’s in-person class was thrilled with her success in the virtual class. A dog-training colleague said, “How can students not excel, with the amazing level of support offered?” The shift to live virtual classes has been pure success for students and their dogs and cats. 

About The Mannerly Dog
The Mannerly Dog has specialized in teaching owners to train their dogs for over 30 years. Owner Nancy M. Kelly, CPDT-KA is continually inspired to pursue science-based training expertise and offers students an education based on facts from her studies of behavior analysis at a university master’s level. Her experience includes training service dogs, performance dogs, and pets that enrich their owners’ lives. Owners who want the best for their pets seek science and positive reinforcement for their learning and that’s what The Mannerly Dog teaches. For additional information, visit:

Nancy M. Kelly, B.S., CPDT-KA
Owner, Training Director
The Mannerly Dog

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