Visionify Announces Collaboration with Seeed Studio to Leverage the Power of the Next-Gen AI Hardware Platform

DENVER, Jan. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ —, a Colorado-based leading Computer Vision consulting company, announced their collaboration with Seeed Studio, the IoT hardware enabler. The collaboration aims at delivering hardware solutions and Edge AI devices, incorporating highly effective embedded, on-device machine learning and computer vision solutions for their customers. In addition, the alliance facilitates an excellent hardware-software integration that will help deliver real-world AI solutions globally.

An efficient machine-learning model extracts important details from visual data. Capturing this data is a crucial aspect of computer vision solutions, and hardware platforms like cameras, image sensors and Edge devices. Edge computing helps unleash the potential of large amounts of data generated from AI vision solutions. The provision of the most reliable hardware modules from Seeed will help to further boost performance and have advanced Edge computing solutions with low latency and enhanced data security and privacy protection.

The partnership focuses on leveraging the benefits of Seeed’s expertise in creating the most reliable AI hardware platform (especially the AI products based on NVIDIA Jetson Platform). Consolidating Seeed’s best-in-class hardware will enable Visionify to implement unique AI and computer vision solutions swiftly and empower businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals.

“A partnership with Seeed will provide us a trusted way to source hardware, sensors, cameras, and powerful Edge devices that can be utilized in real-world Vision AI use cases,” said Harsh Murari, CTO & Co-Founder of Visionify. “We are incredibly glad to have this partnership with Seeed and look forward to working with them to build applied Vision AI solutions for our customers.”

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About Seeed Studio

Being a supporter of open-source technology, Seeed has served the global developer community with its open hardware for IoT, AI and Robotic systems, offering affordable and accessible hardware components and devices that can be easily integrated with the manufacturing supply chain resources. Founded in 2008, Seeed is based in Shenzhen, China, and has branch offices in the EU, US and Japan.

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