VisitorReachTM Revolutionizes Church Engagement Through aiChurchTechTM

Innovative Technology Company Launches Digital Outreach and Follow-Up Platform 

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — VisitorReach™, a leader in digital solutions, is proud to unveil a revolutionary digital outreach and visitor follow-up platform for churches. With a commitment to innovation, aiChurchTech™ empowers churches to connect with people in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

Our platform goes beyond conventional marketing strategies. Instead of merely promoting a ‘come-and-see’ approach, we prioritize a ‘get-to-know-you’ strategy,” said Howard Rachinski, founder of CCLI and co-founder of VisitorReach.

VisitorReach is dedicated to empowering churches to effectively connect with newcomers and spiritual seekers in their local communities. Unlike traditional approaches, this revolutionary system leverages digital channels to identify and connect with prospective churchgoers. Once identified, the state-of-the-art VisitorReach Mobile app develops NurturePoint™ connections that facilitate meaningful one-on-one conversations and contribute to the growth of vibrant, spiritually rich communities.

“Designed by pastors, for pastors, VisitorReach is what churches need to connect with people in their cities in a post-pandemic context,” said Marc Estes, Senior Pastor of Mannahouse and co-founder of VisitorReach.

Key features of the platform include:

1. **Digital Search Capability:** The system searches throughout a designated geographical area to pinpoint individuals new to the area, de-churched individuals, and spiritual seekers.

2. **Targeted Messaging App:** The platform facilitates direct communication between churches and potential visitors, ensuring a personalized and engaging interaction inside the VisitorReach™ mobile app.

3. **NurturePoint™ Strategies:** Recognizing the importance of pre-visit engagement, the platform guides churches in nurturing 100-200 new connections monthly, resulting in approximately 40-80 new families visiting each month.

4. **90-Day Follow-Up Journey:** The integrated follow-up system elevates current church assimilation by ensuring a seamless transition from initial contact to involvement in church activities, creating a path for visitors to become regular attendees and members.

5. **Human-AI Synergy:** aiChurchTech™ stands out as a proprietary trademarked feature seamlessly integrating AI with a pastor’s role, enhancing their effectiveness and efficiency without overshadowing the genuine human connection.

This unique synergy allows pastors to leverage AI as a tool to authentically connect with potential visitors on a deeper level without removing the human touch,” said Jeff Carson, Amazon Web Services (AWS) APN Ambassador, AI Strategist, and co-founder of VisitorReach.

While the platform represents a practical investment due to the extensive marketing efforts deployed to identify potential visitors, VisitorReach emphasizes not only the long-term benefits for church growth and increased assimilation, but the increases in salvations and water baptisms.

“Churches need to innovate the ways they reach their city. Bridging the gap between technology and the personal touch is integral to churches reaching into people’s lives,” said Poncho Lowder, founder of Custom Church Apps and co-founder of VisitorReach.

Learn more about the transformative power of this innovative technology through the voices of pastors implementing VisitorReach in their churches. Discover the future of church engagement with VisitorReach and experience the missional impact of aiChurchTech™.

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