VOLT App Team Joins Global Leaders at LABITCONF 2023 to Explore Web3’s Potential in Argentina

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Voltage Finance’s powerhouse, the VOLT App team, is jetting off to Buenos Aires on November 10th and 11th to unveil the VOLT mobile wallet built on Fuse Network. As LABITCONF celebrates its 11th event this year, with a remarkable assembly of over 250 international speakers, it’s clear that Web3’s future is brighter than ever.

Recent data from the Financial Times underlines Argentina’s remarkable embrace of cryptocurrencies, primarily driven by its tumultuous financial past. With the Argentine peso’s erratic behavior and recurring economic pitfalls, many locals have turned their backs on traditional finance. Cryptocurrencies emerged as the beacon of hope – a shield against inflation and a symbol of reliability.

Navigating the Web3 world, however, can be challenging. The uproar for intuitive, mobile-centric platforms, coupled with user-friendly DeFi features, is more profound than ever.

Enter the VOLT mobile app. Compatible with both iOS and Android, VOLT offers users a fluid DeFi experience right at their fingertips. Gasless transactions? Check. Easy fiat conversions? Absolutely. And for the cherry on top, social logins and easy account recovery, alongside unparalleled security, ensure users remain the sole guardians of their wealth.

“We’ve been working hard to build a non-custodial wallet solution on Fuse Network connected to the Voltage DEX that ticks all the boxes for an easy, low-cost DeFi experience. We cannot wait to showcase the VOLT app at this year’s LABITCONF and gather feedback.” 

In celebrating Latin America’s passion for Bitcoin and Blockchain, LABITCONF, initiated in 2013, plays host annually to a galaxy of industry bigwigs, budding entrepreneurs, and crypto aficionados. Spanning 8 stages with over 150 insightful sessions, the conference is the perfect rendezvous for newcomers and seasoned experts.

From November 9 to 12, all roads lead to Costa Salguero, Av. Costanera Rafael Obligado 1221, C1425, Buenos Aires. The conference promises an eclectic mix of workshops, gaming zones, a Web3 chill spot, delectable dinner venues, and a grand finaleā€”a party helmed by Ibiza’s renowned Bresh.

VOLT’s dynamic team, backed by the core members of the Fuse Network, eagerly awaits attendees at their LABITCONF 2023 booth. They extend a warm invitation to everyone to dive into the VOLT app experience firsthand and discover more about Fuse Network.

About Fuse Network:
Fuse Network is an EVM-compatible, decentralized public blockchain founded in 2019, dedicated to enabling businesses seamless and affordable web3 payments. Lightning-fast transactions, with confirmations in just five seconds at an average cost of less than a cent, set it apart as an ideal solution for the modern financial ecosystem.

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