Wallphy App Released: Demystifying Crypto Token Trading

CHICAGO, July 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Walletography, LLC (www.wallphy.io) has released Wallphy, a software app that helps investors analyze trading and ownership behaviors of micro-cap cryptocurrency tokens. Wallphy distills the massive data of the blockchain into patterns that signal manipulation like "pump-and-dumps" and "rug pulls." Wallphy is an abbreviation of Walletography, the art of charting blockchain wallets!

A Web3 Solution to a Web3 Problem

A key benefit of decentralized finance is that data for every transaction is publicly available. The downside is that all that data becomes overwhelming to the average user. Scammers can easily hide in the crowd by spreading their holdings across dozens of wallets and orchestrating coordinated "pump and dumps." Until now, investigating a token required a big spreadsheet and hours of number crunching. By the time you completed your research, you missed the window where having the information was valuable.

Wallphy allows its members to instantly see patterns in wallet associations and trading coordination for any micro-cap token on the Ethereum network. Even better, communication and collaboration among its community creates truly decentralized intelligence that can evolve to stay ahead of even the most sophisticated bad actors. It is true Web3 solution to a Web3 problem.

Wallphy Membership Token

Consistent with this Web3 ethos, members gain access to the Wallphy app by owning the Wallphy Token, an Ethereum-based token tradable through Uniswap. This fosters a community of actively engaged individual users rather than just speculators or data miners. Increasing levels of ownership will unlock additional features and utility. 

WHY and WHO?

The Alt Coin Summer of 2021 triggered a tsunami of tokens that sparked rapid blockchain innovation. With this frenzy came shady, exploitive developers. Nearly every week, groups continue to launch a new token, grant themselves the bulk of supply, pump up the price, and then "pull the rug out" by cashing out. After "getting rugged" ourselves several times, it became a passion project for us to shine a light on these manipulative practices. 

Walletography is driven by a team of experienced investors, entrepreneurs, and technologists who are committed to building tools that will accelerate the Web3 vision of transparency and decentralization. The entire leadership and development team is doxxed, meaning their identities are publicly disclosed, which remains sadly rare in the space. More information on Walletography and the Wallphy app are available at www.wallphy.io.

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Dan Hughes
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