Wavefront TV Announces the Launch of Relative Motion™, the Industry's First Business Intelligence and Analytics Platform Purpose-Built for Connected TV Publishers

NEW YORK, Feb. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Wavefront TV, a leading software-and-services company helping publishers accelerate their connected TV growth, is pleased to announce the launch of Relative Motion™, the industry’s first out-of-the-box BI platform customized for the needs of connected television content publishers. The launch of Relative Motion signals the expansion of Wavefront TV’s solution suite and brings to market a SaaS platform that empowers publishers to maximize both yield & engagement. 

“The core challenge with connected TV growth is that distribution creates fragmentation, which makes programming decisions & revenue management extremely challenging,” said Dominic Schmitt, Wavefront TV’s new Chief Product Officer. “Publishers need to focus on optimization and most cannot afford the cost of custom data modeling and database architecture. Relative Motion delivers an off-the-shelf business intelligence solution for CTV content companies, making an immediate impact on revenue.”

Relative Motion offers publishers a holistic solution to the unique challenges publishers face while distributing their content. Publisher growth is predicated on expanding distribution, which creates data sets across multiple partners. By aggregating, standardizing and intelligently visualizing ad and viewership data across distribution platforms, Relative Motion gives publishers the tools to identify growth opportunities and optimize revenue streams. 

The Relative Motion platform complements Wavefront TV’s growing media services business which increases content distribution, advertising revenue, and optimizes media operations for connected publishers of all sizes.

About Wavefront TV: Launched in 2019, Wavefront TV continues to deliver results for publishers in the connected TV industry. Via a software-and-services approach, Wavefront TV present the most holistic set of solutions for publishers looking to accelerate CTV growth.

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