Wellnuts Opens a New European Office in Warsaw, Poland

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Wellnuts, a software development company in the IoT segment headquartered in Los Angeles, California, opened its new office in Warsaw, Poland. It will be the company’s regional center in the European Union, advancing its strategy of expansion in Europe.

With the new center in Warsaw, Wellnuts will expand its capacity to work with high-load and scalable IoT solutions, mainly in Telematics and GPS tracking, and provide optimized services and custom solutions for data-driven IoT platforms.

"During its 12 years of operation, Wellnuts has created many high-load software products for the US market that became successful worldwide. I’m happy that expanding the presence of Wellnuts in Europe allows us to share best technical practices in niche industries, such as Fleet Management, Reusable Energy, and Smart Home solutions, in which our team has significant expertise. We are glad to multiply and share our experience with new clients and market professionals," says Palina Leibinskaya, CEO at Wellnuts USA.

For Wellnuts, expanding internationally is a significant step in enhancing our business and making the company recognized far beyond the US. "This is just the beginning of our journey. We must ensure constant growth and engage more high-class professionals in our business. This way, we can establish more quality partnerships and ensure everything goes just the way we want. However, it’s not just about gaining more clients. We are also looking to improve project management and facilitate complex processes. It’s a great opportunity to take after the best European practices and develop a more flexible and client-oriented approach," adds Max Yarashevich, CEO at Wellnuts Poland.

The company’s major expertise domains include Insurance, EV Charging, Insurance, and Smart Homes. The company is already actively hiring Europe-based developers to work on projects related to Fleet Tracking Management, Smart Homes, and Green Energy.

Valuing its talent, Wellnuts provides workshops for all the developers to ensure proper task completion and due alignment with deadlines. In addition, every engineer gets an opportunity to work with the latest tech stack and get additional training to master it. Finally, Wellnuts permanently expands its employees’ knowledge base in various cutting-edge and demanded business domains.

About Wellnuts

Wellnuts┬áis a full-cycle software development company with over ten years of experience working with scalable solutions. It provides cost-effective, innovative IoT services for startups and enterprises. The company’s core values include reliability, transparency, and timely communication with every partner. Wellnuts ensures the delivery of reliable, scalable, and secure products. It has already helped its clients develop Social apps, Smart Home, Blockchain, Fleet Management solutions, and other projects.

The company’s primary focus lies in creating high-load platforms for data processing, IoT management applications, geographic information systems, cloud and design solutions. Wellnuts offers frontend, backend, DevOps, and mobile development.

If you have any questions or want to request a particular service, you can reach out directly to the team via email: info@wellnutscopr.com

Palina Leibinskaya

SOURCE Wellnuts Inc