WinnowPro Announces the Debut of Its Much-Anticipated AI-powered ‘Competitive Intelligence Reporting Tool’

SAN MATEO, Calif., March 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — WinnowPro just announced the release of its latest sales tool in their ‘Digitally Essential’ collection named ‘Competitive Intelligence Reporting Tool’ – aimed at revolutionizing the best practices of Digital Sales & Marketing for leading enterprises, including new-vehicle dealerships.

“Today the challenge for businesses is having a comprehensive and integrated approach for effectively managing ever-evolving platforms, addressing continuously changing consumer behaviors with systems that deliver built-in costs and time efficiencies through a simplified interface,” noted David Saedi, CEO of WinnowPro.

WinnowPro‘s latest AI-powered resource, Competitive Intelligence Reporting Tool, is proof of today’s enterprise need for advanced competitor insights in real-time. With customization features, financial depictions, and enablement of data-driven decision making, enterprises can now accurately uncover immediate opportunities to increase their visibility for organic and paid digital marketing activities.

Businesses wishing to receive their free customized Competitive Intelligence Report can schedule a demo here.

The transformative Competitive Intelligence Reporting Tool builds on the WinnowPro Analytics Reporting Tool which pinpoints performance issues within the marketing activities of an enterprise, and helps focus on opportunities for minimizing lost revenues by creating digital efficiencies within sales and marketing activities.

WinnowPro‘s ‘Digitally Essentials’ collection offers AI-powered solutions to simplify the complexities in managing Online Assets, Organic and Paid Content across digital platforms, Scheduling, and On-demand Reporting of digital sales and marketing activities with efficiencies only possible through the use of advanced technologies. The resultant time and cost efficiencies are the most desired outcomes noted by enterprises across multiple industries.

About WinnowPro

Founded in 2018 and named Most Promising Google Marketing Company of 2020 by CIOReview, WinnowPro is the provider of readily-accessible next generation Digital Retailing Tools & Systems for efficient resource allocation and results management to bridge the gap between traditional sales & marketing practices and a rapidly accelerating digital world.

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