X4Impact Names Top-Ranked Impact Tech Solutions

EDMONDS, Wash., Jan. 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — X4Impact, the market intelligence platform for social innovation, announced its list of top-ranked solutions in product and leadership categories. This year’s honorees represent the top three percent of listings on x4i.org.

X4Impact lists over 2,000 tech products and services searchable by impact area in service to nonprofits and social sector decision-makers. This is the largest US directory of technologies used by organizations that seek to have a positive social impact.

The X4Impact Top-Ranking 2021 Solutions were highlighted from a selected number of categories: Cybersecurity, Mental Health, Fundraising, Relationship Management, Environment & Energy, Poverty & Homelessness, Addiction, and Workforce Development. Additionally, there are special honors for organizations with Black Leadership, Women Leadership, and Latino Leadership, recognizing one or more members of the senior management team or board of directors.

X4Impact Top-Ranked honorees are celebrating their recognition across platforms to validate their mission in creating positive social impact through tech innovation.

"Thanks, X4Impact, for listing Blue Ocean Gear as one of the top impact tech solutions," said Kortney Opshaug, CEO and Founder at Blue Ocean Gear Inc., X4Impact’s Top-Ranked Solution in the Environment & Energy category. Opshaug added, "Smart Buoys have now been deployed with fishing gear from the arctic to the tropics, so we are excited to see where things go in 2022!"

Damola Idowu, CEO for Black-led Toyzsteam shared, "So honored for Toyz Electronics, LLC to be selected for Black Leadership. 2021 was such an incredible year for us."

Top-Ranked in two categories, VidaNyx CEO Sara Boyd said, "We are grateful for the recognition that not only can we deliver leading technology, but we can do so while centering our social impact. We remain dedicated to innovation, urgent impact, collaboration, customer intimacy, and compassion for humanity as we grow. It’s wonderful to have a resource like X4Impact that amplifies technology for the greater good."

X4Impact is supported by leading philanthropic foundations including Ford, Hewlett, and Rockefeller. In addition to the free directory of technology solutions for nonprofits and other social service agencies, X4Impact also provides research and data services. In 2021, X4Impact released twenty-five free interactive reports, including one for each of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

X4Impact provides equitable access to data and advisory services that help social innovators find their market with advanced insights and segmentation.

Top-Ranked: Cybersecurity

  • Keeper Security
  • Cyvatar
  • Defendify
  • Polymorphing
  • Axonius

Top-Ranked: Mental Health

  • Lyra Health
  • Hopebound
  • MindRight
  • Ginger
  • BabyNoggin

Top-Ranked: CRM

  • ChildCareCRM
  • Salsa Labs
  • Oleeo
  • CharityEngine
  • Unite Us

Top-Ranked: Environment & Energy

  • Blue Ocean Gear
  • The Oxygenator
  • International Underwater Exploration
  • Sync Energy AI
  • Shone

Top-Ranked: Poverty & Homelessness

  • Socialwyze
  • H.E.A.R.T. Family Software
  • AmpleHarvest.org
  • Brave Buttons
  • EMPath

Top-Ranked: Addiction

  • Kaden
  • DynamiCare Health
  • Pilleve
  • FLT Medical
  • Workit Health

Top-Ranked: Workforce Development

  • Mentoring Complete
  • Hesperus
  • WholeStory
  • Deputy

Top-Ranked: Black Leadership

  • Footprint
  • Skillspire
  • Courtroom5
  • Reyets

Top-Ranked: Women Leadership

  • Footprint
  • Docugami
  • Keeper Security
  • VidaNyx
  • Bites

Top-Ranked: Latino Leadership

  • VidaNyx
  • Real Talk
  • Symba
  • b.world
  • Giving Tech Labs

About X4Impact
X4Impact is an online market intelligence platform for social innovation with insights to create and scale technology for the public interest. In less than a year, X4Impact became the largest online marketplace for Tech for Good Solutions and the leading intelligence platform for the nonprofit sector in the US. It aims to become the "Gartner for Social Impact," providing data and insights to raise awareness of opportunity areas and the social landscape in the US. Our technology processes billions of social impact data points to help nonprofits, social innovators, academia, and investors build the social impact organizations of tomorrow. To learn more, visit x4i.org.

Shelly Kurtz