Xclaim Has Listed Over $200 Million of Crypto Customer Accounts on Its Global Marketplace for Crypto Bankruptcy Claims

The Only Independent Online Trading Platform is Helping Crypto Customers Unlock the Value in Their Accounts that has been Locked by Bankruptcy

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Xclaim, the only independent trading platform for crypto assets locked by bankruptcy, announced today that thousands of customers of several bankrupt crypto exchanges, including FTX, BlockFi, Celsius and Voyager have listed their accounts for sale, representing more than $200 million of crypto assets. Xclaim enables crypto account holders to recover the market value of accounts that are inaccessible during the pendency of a bankruptcy.

Founded in 2018 by Matthew Sedigh, Xclaim operates a marketplace for crypto traders to unlock the value of their frozen accounts by settling their account for cash. While bankruptcy can be a painstakingly slow and complex process, Xclaim offers a market-based solution for account holders to access immediate liquidity.

Currently, approximately $30 billion of crypto bankruptcy claims are held by more than 15 million account holders globally. By connecting the buyers and sellers of these frozen accounts in a competitive marketplace, Xclaim ensures that market participants have access to the most accurate data and are transacting at open-market prices.

“I’ve spent my entire career helping parties navigate how to recover maximum value in difficult, complex situations,” says Matthew Sedigh. “Bankruptcy is usually a painful process, especially for those that have to wait years to recover their own property. Our mission at Xclaim is to provide a new alternative to that frustration. We are giving people a choice to act for their own best interest.”

To learn more about Xclaim and recovering value from locked crypto accounts, please visit: www.x-claim.com

About Xclaim

Xclaim operates the only independent online trading platform for crypto bankruptcy claims. With the largest network of buy-side traders, crypto account holders can trust the competitive and transparent solution of an open-market platform to deliver the highest price and most favorable terms. Xclaim is relentlessly focused on helping its customers unlock value and better allocate risk amid rapidly changing market conditions.

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