XStereotype Founder + CEO Larry Adams Named to Ad Age’s 2024 Tech Power List

The inaugural list honors the top digital innovators reshaping the digital marketing world

NEW YORK, June 5, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Larry Adams, digital marketing and media veteran and Black serial entrepreneur, has been named to Ad Age’s inaugural 2024 Tech Power List, honoring the visionary leaders of brands pushing technological boundaries. As the Founder and CEO of both XStereotype, the world’s first inclusion operating system, and BLKFAM, the first and only Black-owned, Black-focused family streaming platform, Larry has been recognized as one of the top digital innovators at the forefront of the technological revolution.

Ad Age’s first annual Tech Power List celebrates the industry’s top 20 tech innovators in AI, ad tech, data and more – highlighting the most influential leaders in marketing who were responsible for spearheading technological leaps in the past year. The advertising and tech industry have seen major advances in just the past 12 months, in areas ranging from AI to ad tech to mixed reality, and more. These individuals create cutting edge, next-generation tech used to grow business, reach new consumers, and ultimately reshape the industry.

After 20+ years of experience in the marketing industry at AT&T, Warner Media, and HBO Max, to name a few, it became clear to Larry that the data the industry had access to wasn’t meeting the public’s expectations. People of color were often treated as a monolith. In fact, new data had to be gathered in order to reach different audiences of color with an authentic message: Thus, XStereotype was born.

XStereotype uses proprietary AI to analyze content through a lens of the diverse human experience. Developed with a team of neuroscientists and psychologists, its unique models return important data that can identify racial and gender among other bias plus risk factors of any concept, script, campaign or message, giving brands the keys to developing authentic relationships with multicultural audiences. With over 10M points of data, XStereotype allows companies to address larger societal issues while achieving business goals: its exclusive data indicates that there is a strong and positive correlation between purchasing intent and inclusion.

“I am incredibly honored to be included in this year’s Ad Age Tech Power List among some of the most prominent tech leaders who are transforming the industry,” says Founder & CEO Larry Adams. “Fostering an inclusive, anti-biased world has always been important to me, and AI has the unique power to help make that change. I am so excited to continue sharing both XStereotype’s and BLKFAM’s innovative use of AI to root out systemic, implicit bias and create a more inclusive world.”

View Ad Age’s full piece on Larry and XStereotype here.

XStereotype combines data and complex proprietary AI, and thousands of in-person focus group conversations which turn out millions of data points to eliminate stereotypes and bias. XStereotype’s proprietary AI provides marketers with a scorecard on their ads – even able to analyze scripts and copy pre-production – on sentiment by race, intent to purchase by race, authenticity by race, and more. And, many of their analyses prove a high correlation between proper representation, lack of stereotypes, and purchase intent. In other words, emotional intelligence is profitable – and with over 10 million collective data points, marketers can rest assured that they not only have the right intentions in their creative, but the right execution as well. For more information visit https://xstereotype.com/

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Daria Richman

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