YouAttest Enhances Offering with Addition of Segregation of Duties (SoD) Rules

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — YouAttest has added another feature to their already robust Identity Governance offering- Segregation of Duties (SoD) rules for groups and applications. This plug-in seamlessly integrates with leading Identity and Access Management platforms such as Okta, Azure AD, Jump Cloud, and PingOne. With this release, YouAttest offers valuable SoD capabilities, ensuring compliance and security.

“Having appropriate segregation of duties is paramount to achieving your security objectives. It’s not enough to say that the access is restricted based upon privileges, but we need to understand how conflicting functions can create a business or security vulnerability,” said

Kultej Sawhney, M.S., MBA, CISA, CRISC, CFE, Managing Director, IT and Internal Audit, CyberSecurity – CDW.

This new SoD rules feature empowers organizations to enforce access policies for groups and applications assignments. This enhances security by preventing conflicts of interest and ensuring that users are only granted needed access. YouAttest’s SoD rules streamline compliance, allowing organizations to effortlessly manage access controls across various platforms.

“We’re excited to add this valuable feature to YouAttest,” said CEO Garret Grajek. “The ability to identify conflicting access permissions in YouAttest audits will help prevent fraud, errors or misuse of sensitive information.”

Organizations can create their own SoD rules to ensure conflicting access permissions are flagged. For instance, a financial application that deals with payroll should not be accessible to the user who has access to a sales application, as it creates a conflict of interest. By implementing SoD rules, administrators can automate the process of cross-verifying application assignments. If a conflict arises, the system flags the violations during the audit, denoting permissions that could lead to potential fraud, errors, or misuse of sensitive information.

YouAttest SoD rules can also flag conflicts in group assignments – ensuring that users within groups do not possess conflicting access rights. By incorporating SoD checks into group assignments, organizations can maintain a clear separation of duties, reducing the risk of internal fraud and unauthorized access.

In addition, YouAttest enables the risk manager to automatically initiate attestations on the flagged SoD violations. 

YouAttest offers the fastest time-to-value solution for identity auditing, compliance and security with a cloud-based, GUI-driven platform.

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