ZeroShotBot Launches World’s First AI Chatbot That Requires Zero Training Data or Coding for Businesses of All Sizes

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ZeroShotBot today announced the launch of a new disruptive conversational AI technology that democratizes chatbots for businesses big and small. ZeroShotBot brings a new way of building chatbots that can be scalable within hours, and requires no training data, allowing anyone with zero coding experience and training to create a fully functionable chatbot.

ZeroShotBot is developed by award-winning computer scientists, University of Michigan professors Dr. Jason Mars and Dr. Lingjia Tang, who are known for groundbreaking AI innovations used by over 20 million users including the biggest banks in the world like Barclays, US Bank, and USAA.

Current Situation with Chatbots

For many businesses, chatbots are a nice-to-have due to its prohibitive costs which can run up to tens of thousands of dollars per month. If cost is not a problem, time can be: even with the help of experts, bots that take months to build may be slow to learn or adapt.

Further, most chatbots today require countless hours of time to train the AI platform in order to deliver the right responses to queries. For example, training a chatbot on average takes about 12 to 18 months of collecting just the right data.

How ZeroShotBot Works

ZeroShotBot harnesses the power of zero-shot learning, which refers to the process by which a machine learning model is capable of performing tasks they have never seen before. ZeroShotBot requires zero training data for the bot to be able to interact on the subject matter. ZeroShotBot can be accessed and configured by anyone, eliminating the requirement to have years of technical knowledge and experience to deploy chatbot technology. With ZeroShotBot, any business big or small can create and deploy a high-functioning and personalized bot within a matter of hours.

"I’ve studied and worked in the AI industry and recognized that there had to be a better way to create chatbots that doesn’t require a lot of time and setup and overhead costs. I strongly believe in the potential of AI and chatbots but felt that the promise of chatbots has to date outstripped reality," said Dr. Jason Mars, founder and CEO of ZeroShotBot. "With ZeroShotBot our aim is to democratize chatbots as we know it by completely rethinking from the ground up how AI chatbots work. ZeroShotBot is the first chatbot that is truly accessible for businesses of all sizes, especially for small businesses, which is the engine of our economy. Easy and quick to set up, affordable for all budgets, and simply more effective, ZeroShotBot is the dawn of a new era in customer service."

How ZeroShotBot works in a nutshell

  1. Load ZeroShotBot with the answers you want the bot to generate to users.
  2. When a user asks your chatbot questions, ZeroShotBot will analyze the context of the question and map it back to the list of answers you have already provided.
  3. ZeroShotBot will then rank the responses based on a set of conditions to identify which one would best answer the question and display it to the user.

ZeroShotBot features include

  • Patent-Pending AI Technology: Market-first, groundbreaking platform uses language processing and recognition through the use of zero-shot learning.
  • Zero Code, Zero Training: Non-developers can build and run an enterprise-level chatbot without prior knowledge in coding.
  • Easy Deployment and Integration: In as little as one day, seamlessly connect with any enterprise application after loading your bot with the knowledge and information you wish for it to have.
  • Always-On Service and Support: Enable 24/7 website user support and provide customers with a consistent experience throughout all their interactions.
  • Enterprise-Grade Security: A full suite of security features protects user privacy and the integrity of enterprise data and applications.
  • Real-time Chat Monitoring and Reports: Monitor user conversations and generate live user feedback and reports for maximum optimization.
  • Scalable Platform Architecture: ZSB’s enterprise-class multi-tenant platform supports the deployment of thousands of chatbots to accommodate fluctuations in service demand, freeing human agents to address more complex issues.

"When we found out about ZeroShotBot we thought it would be a huge expensive investment but were pleasantly surprised how affordable it was  to put up a ZeroShotBot AI chatbot! Within the first few hours of our implementation, ZeroShotBot helped us close a sales lead without any human interaction," said Tanja Lewit, President, Alternate E Source, a New York-based provider of IoT web based devices. 

"ZeroShotBot let us build, deploy and maintain a chatbot rapidly and cost-effectively, without coding. It is important for our organization to distribute information regarding medical conditions that is based on scientific fact and medical evidence and ZeroShotBot enables us to do this reliably," said Peter Lowes, Co-Executive Director at ForBetterHealth, a Mississippi-based moonshot program of clinical research and solution development dedicated to ending health disparities in Black, brown and underserved populations in the U.S. 

ZeroShotBot currently offers plans starting at $40 per month, with a 14-day free trial, and includes the following:

  • 5 bots
  • Up to 50 answers per bot
  • Integration on a company website
  • 10K queries per month, $0.005 per query
  • 2 Test Suites, 30 Test Cases
  • Analytics, Reporting Availability
  • Support available during business hours

To learn more and to get access now, visit:

About ZeroShotBot

ZeroShotBot is the world’s first AI chatbot that aims to make chatbots accessible to more people and businesses than ever before. With patent-pending technology, ZeroShotBot requires zero training or coding, and provides significant cost savings for the user. ZeroShotBot was created by the founder of the popular AI conversational platform Clinc, award-winning computer scientists and University of Michigan professor Dr. Jason Mars, with the former CTO of Clinc and Professor Dr. Lingjia Tang joining recently. To learn more about ZeroShotBot, visit

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